Helping Others Stepping Up in a Community-Based Work Assessment Program | Allan Myers

Helping Others Stepping Up in a Community-Based Work Assessment Program

Variety the Children’s Charity in Worcester, PA has a new program that aims to help identify career development pathways for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Part of the program is to take individuals into the community, with one on one Variety staff supervision, to complete helpful work tasks at Community Partner Businesses.  This opportunity will allow them to explore a job they would be interested in and as a community partner, we were able to meet with Peter for a day. 

Peter from Variety is interested in trucks and landscape design and is always eager to learn something new.  Amanda Knauer was their guide for the first part of the morning,  We would like to thank Amanda, Brad Tintle and Bill Pettit from the Shop and Rusty Seybold from Small Tools for taking time to show Peter the ropes. We would also like to thank Bob from Jermacans Style (our landscapers at Berks Road) for their support.  Peter got to spend some time working outdoors with Bob and learned about how to care for plants.                           

Pictured:  (Right) Peter from Variety, Amanda Knauer and Rebecca, Assessment Coordinator at Variety.

(Left) Bob from Jermacans Style, Peter from Variety and Rebecca from Variety



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