Allan Myers Ranked 19 in ENR’s Top 50 Heavy Contractors

Worcester, Pa. – In May each year, Engineering News-Record (ENR) takes on the task of collecting, sorting, and ranking hundreds of contractors across the country based on annual construction-specific revenue. In such a vast and competitive industry, it is an honor for Allan Myers to continually be recognized on both the Top 400 Contractors list and the Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors list.  Those on the Top 400 list in 2016 made a combined $344.14 billion in revenue, a record high surpassing 2008’s previous record.

This year, Myers was recognized as 19th on the Top 50 Domestic Heavy Contractors. In addition to being ranked in the top 20 contractors in the heavy construction sector, Myers was listed at 115 on the Top 400 all inclusive list. This placement is three ahead of Myers’ placement for the 2015 edition of the list.

For the full article and rankings please visit the ENR website.



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