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Allan Myers asphalt products are created with the needs of contractors in mind. Our experience working with various asphalt products and our commitment to create products better, faster and safely allow us to provide a full list of asphalt solutions for any project.


Superpave asphalt mixture 4.75MM nominal maximum aggregate size is a promising, low-cost asphalt mixture. When applied as a thin layer, this mix has the potential to provide a very smooth riding surface and correct surface defects.
Available at Coatesville, Aberdeen, Elk Mills, Jessup and Dover.

9.5MM and 12.5MM
Known simply as 9.5MM, ID-2 or 12.5MM, surface mixes usually consist of a smaller maximum aggregate size (9.5MM or 3/8″ / 12.5MM or 1/2″). Wearing/surface mixes are designed to provide a smoother riding surface and also to seal the surface from water penetration.

Available at Devault, Coatesville, Harleysville, Aberdeen, Elk Mills, Jessup, Dover, Delmar, Powhatan, Bishop, Georgetown and Rockville.

Available at Devault, Coatesville, Harleysville, Aberdeen, Elk Mills, Jessup, Dover, Delmar, Powhatan, Bishop, Georgetown and Rockville.

Also known as binder, 19MM consists of one or more lifts of structural HMA placed below the surface layers, distributing traffic loads and preventing deformation in the pavement foundation.
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleHarleysvilleAberdeenElk MillsJessupDoverDelmarPowhatanBishopGeorgetown and Rockville.


Called 25MM, Base or BCBC, this layer in the pavement system sits immediately below the wearing course, or the binder course if one is used. Consisting of a larger maximum aggregate size (25MM or 1″), 25MM provides a strong foundation for the wearing course.
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleHarleysvilleAberdeenElk MillsJessupDoverDelmarPowhatanBishopGeorgetown and Rockville.

GAP Graded/SMA
Used exclusively as a wearing course, Gap Graded mixes are used for paving heavy traffic areas where rutting and fatigue cracking are concerns. Gap Graded mixes or Stone Matrix Asphalt have a relatively high binder content (and also use a modified binder — 76-22) to provide good durability.
Available at AberdeenElk MillsJessupDoverDelmarPowhatanBishopGeorgetown and Rockville.

P-401 is a mix design specifically used on FAA and airfield pavement projects. This mix is intended for use in construction of all runways, taxiways and apron projects. It may also be used on airport shoulders and staging areas.

P-401 Airport
Available at AberdeenDoverJessupGeorgetown and Delmar.

FAA Airport
Available at Dover and Georgetown.

Used in place of traditional impermeable paving materials, this range of sustainable materials enables the movement of storm water through the surface and reduces runoff. Examples include roads, paths, car parking lots, cycle paths and airport shoulders.

Permeable Asphalt Treated Base
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleDoverGeorgetownDelmar and Bishop.

Pervious Mix
Available at CoatesvilleAberdeenJessupElk Mills, DoverGeorgetownDelmar and Bishop.

Available at AberdeenDoverGeorgetownDelmar and Bishop.

High Polish/SRL E Mix
Available at AberdeenJessup and Elk Mills.

PATP Mixes
Available at Devault.

Coldpatch is a cost-effective repair for driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. Coldpatch can also be used for manhole maintenance and temporary patching for utility projects.
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleHarleysvilleAberdeenJessupElk MillsDoverGeorgetownDelmarPowhatanBishop and Rockville.

Tack Coat
Tack Coat is used to help the layers of asphalt bond together with more efficiency. It is used in construction or refacing of driveways, roads and highways.

Tack (5-Gallon Buckets)
Available at AberdeenJessupPowhatan and Rockville.

Tack (Bulk)
Available at Dover.

Processed Rap
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleHarleysvilleAberdeenElk MillsJessup, Powhatan and Rockville.

Asphalt Millings
Available at DevaultCoatesvilleAberdeenJessup and Elk Mills.

Available at Devault.

“Red” Wearing
Available at Harleysville.